Asfoura was born out of a conversation between Mirame and a friend in 2021, who was looking for children's books to teach her daughter (born & raised in the US) Arabic. Mirame was frustrated with the recommendations she could put forward to her friend as there were very limited choices catering to her exact request: Egyptian Arabic, relevant, fun, modern stories. What should have been a simple request ended up being the seed for Asfoura to begin. We are committed to provide parents with resources that help them engage and discuss with their children their culture and identity in their mother tongue. At a time when holding onto your narrative is as important as ever, we believe we have a role to play in encouraging children to speak, read and breathe Arabic. Our journey is still right at the beginning yet we're so proud of where we have come so far. We're building our library one by one, growing bookworms each day and reaching more and more children. You can watch our story told by Mirame as she spilled her heart out to the Sharks in March 2023 on Shark Tank Egypt through this link:

جائزة خاصة ومنافسة شرسة بين الـSharks لإقناع "مرام خميس" صاحبة مشروع "عصفورة" بعروضهم

our founder on shark tank egypt

watch our story as pitched to the egyptian sharks!