Mirame Khamis

Mirame Khamis was a bookworm as a child. She strongly believes in the power of a book to calm, excite and intrigue its reader and aimed to transfer this love to her firstborn, Adam.

Yet while searching for Arabic books, she found a distinct gap in the market for books that are in Egyptian Arabic that truly capture a child's attention. This encouraged her to leave her career in Finance and create Asfoura in the summer of 2020, writing multiple titles such as Bubu My Friend and Gedo & The Champ.

She lives in Cairo, Egypt with her husband and son, Adam and daughter, Hannah.

Salma Elbanna

Salma Elbanna is a nerd at heart. She loves science, adventure and exploring. And so she resorted to storytelling to show children how she sees the world, with all its embellishments and humor. She is an engineer, an artist & a storyteller all at once.

Her bestseller Haneya & Her Genius Idea was the beginning of a beautiful journey in which Salma reveals to children the beauty of nature around them.

She lives in Cairo, Egypt with her husband and daughter, Amina and son, Aly.

Riham Shendy

Riham Shendy is as passionate about children's literature and early education in their mother tongue as you can get. With her initaitive Tuta Tuta, she spearheaded the movement of publishing in spoken Egyptian Arabic, inadvertently becoming the spokesperson about its importance & relevance to children's minds, identity and literacy acquisition.

With a PhD in Economics and a long career in the field, she shifted focus in 2018 and dedicated her time to raising awareness about children literacy. She published the academic study “The Limitations of Reading to Young Children in Literary Arabic: The Unspoken Struggle with Arabic Diglossia,” in February 2019 and has multiple children's books under her belt, including the bestseller Kan Yama Kan series.

She lives in New York, USA with her husband & twins.

Ahmed ElNakkady

Ahmed's story is the true example of passion leading fate. A professional handball player who realised his passion for bees by coincidence when he met a beekeeper during his military conscription. He pursued both careers simultaneously, leading the wholesome Heirloom honey business while also playing full time on the Zamalek handball team. Ahmed wanted to transfer this awareness and love to children, and so wrote the book Zain & ZeeZee to introduce the topic of bees in a simple, interesting way.

He lives in Cairo, Egypt with his wife & son, Seif.

Salma Helal

Salma is a passionate reader & writer whose journey with Asfoura began in a creative writing workshop. Since then, she has been a founding team member & her first work is a translation of the famous "Please Please The Bees".

She is also a pharmacist, a mother to Cameela & Yahia & the world's most diplomatic sweet talker (when she wants to be!).